Ceremony, Reception, & Photo Booth Packages
All Packages Include:
  • Ceremony, Reception, Cocktail Hour, & Send-Off
  •  Pre-event meetings to discuss your music preferences, special song requests, and any "do not play" lists.
  • Wireless microphones for speeches, toasts, & announcements
  • TV Display custom slideshow, monogram, or graphics
  • Intelligent lighting configurations
  • No hidden fees for setup & breakdown (travel fees may apply)
Saturday Premium Experience
Selfie Photo Booth +$250

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Easy-to-use Interface: With a user-friendly touch screen, guests can take selfies and create memories without any hassle. It's as simple as tapping the screen and striking a pose.

Instant Social Sharing: Guests can immediately share their photos on social media platforms. This feature provides a seamless way to create an online footprint of your wedding. The guests can simply enter their phone number and the photos will be sent instantly! (e-mail, airdrop, or QR code also available)

Customizable Templates: You can personalize your photos with custom-designed templates that match your wedding theme. Whether you want your names, the date, or a special message on the photos, we can make it happen.

GIFs and Boomerang Features: Apart from traditional photos, the booth offers GIF and Boomerang features. These fun, dynamic photo options add an extra layer of entertainment for your guests.

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Offer Ends July 1
Saturday Spotlight Package
Off-Peak Advantage | Save $300 on Sunday-Friday Bookings | 2023 & 2024
Off-Peak Advantage | Save $300 on Sunday-Friday Bookings | 2023 & 2024
Current Rate Increases On July 1
What you get:
What you get:
Simple, Elegant, & Minimal DJ Setup
Basic Dance Floor Lighting Package
43" TV Display With Custom Monogram / Slideshow
2 Speaker Sound System on our flex stands. (no boring / bulky tripods)
55" TV Display With Custom Monogram / Slideshow & Various Scenes
Upgraded & MORE dance floor lights
Full Range Sound System (2  Speakers, 2 Subwoofers)
A Setup Designed For A High Energy Crowd That's Ready To Dance
Glow Totems With Moving Spotlights
Our BIGGEST Wedding Production Setup
WAY MORE LIGHTS!!!!!!  (+8 or more!)
4 battery operated up-lights
Upgraded Sound System designed for larger venues and up to 500 guests
** Ideal for smaller venues with a guest count under 100
** Best for medium sized venues & up to 300 guests
1 "Satellite" Speaker"  (for venues with 
indoor / outdoor / multi-room setups that need extra speaker coverage)
What you get:
1 Speaker Setup for cocktail hour
Haze Machine (enhances light beams | less dense than fog)
Selfie Booth Included!! ($250 Value)
Professional Audio Recording of your ceremony
8 battery operated up lights
2 additional speakers (satellite)

Additional Services

- Inverted Generator  - $75 (per day)
- Video Projector & Screen - $100 (per event)
- Monogram Projection - $100
- Karaoke Setup  (no additional charge)