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The Elegance

The Night Gallery 

  • The differences in our wedding packages

    We offer three distinct wedding packages that include both ceremony and reception services. The main difference between the packages lies in the dance floor lighting setups. We offer a variety of lighting options that can be customized to match the style and mood of your wedding, from classic and elegant to modern and trendy.


    Regardless of the package you choose, we arrive at least three hours early to set up and ensure that everything is in place before your guests arrive. Our professional DJs will be there until the very last dance, providing you with comprehensive coverage throughout the entire event. With our dedication to creating the perfect atmosphere and attention to detail (all the way down to cable management), you can trust us to make your wedding day unforgettable.



    Although smaller events may require less equipment, the same amount of preparation and coordination is required to ensure that everything runs smoothly. By charging a flat rate, I can provide the same level of professional service to all my clients, regardless of the size of their event. You can be confident that my prices are fair and reflect the high-quality service I am committed to delivering.

  • What you should know about hiring a DJ

    The DJ is often considered the most important vendor at a wedding for several reasons. Firstly, they are responsible for setting the mood and keeping the energy level up throughout the entire event. They can create an atmosphere that matches the theme and style of the wedding, making it a truly unforgettable experience. Secondly, the DJ is responsible for managing the timeline of events and ensuring that everything runs smoothly.


    We work closely with other vendors such as the wedding planner and photographer to make sure that each moment is captured perfectly. The DJ interacts with the guests, taking requests and encouraging them to get on the dance floor. This helps to create a fun and lively atmosphere that guests will remember for years to come.


    Overall, a skilled and professional DJ can elevate the entire wedding experience and leave a lasting impression on everyone in attendance.

  • PHOTO BOOTH +$300

    Booking our iPad Photo Booth for your wedding is a fun and unique way to capture unforgettable memories of your special day. Our sleek and modern booth is designed to seamlessly blend in with any wedding decor and provide guests with a fun and interactive experience.


    With our iPad Photo Booth, guests can take high-quality photos, create personalized GIFs, and even record video messages for the newlyweds. Our state-of-the-art software allows for customized backdrops and filters, and guests can instantly share their photos and GIFs on social media or via email. Our friendly attendants will be on-site to ensure everything runs smoothly and to assist guests with any questions they may have.


    Booking our iPad Photo Booth is a sure way to add an extra touch of excitement and entertainment to your wedding, while providing you with lasting memories that you can cherish for a lifetime.



  • Our Wedding Ceremony Setup

    The wedding ceremony is the most important part of the day, as it marks the beginning of a new chapter in the lives of the couple. It is a time for them to express their love for each other and make a lifelong commitment in front of family and friends.


    It is crucial that everyone can hear the music and reciting of vows during the ceremony. This is where wireless lapel microphones come in. They ensure that the ceremony can be heard clearly by all guests, no matter where they are seated or how big the venue is.


    The couple's vows are the heart of the ceremony, and it is important that they can be heard by everyone. A wedding ceremony is a special moment that should be cherished, and providing wireless lapel microphones is one way to ensure that all guests can experience it fully.


    My setup for the wedding ceremony is completely portable, running on battery power, and can be set up at any location, even outdoor venues without a power source. Additionally, my custom ceremony cart comes equipped with all-terrain wheels, making it easy to move around and set up in any environment with a flip of a switch

  • Transitioning from ceremony to reception

    Having multiple sound system setups ready to go is essential for ensuring a seamless transition from the wedding ceremony to cocktail hour, reception, and send-off festivities to end the night. Each setup is specifically designed for the area it will be used in, with customized music selections that create the perfect atmosphere.


    With multiple setups, guests can move from one area to the next without any delays, while the music remains continuous and the sound quality consistent. It's an easy way to keep the wedding day flowing smoothly and make sure every moment is unforgettable.

  • How to book with us

    Booking with us online is an effortless and hassle-free process.


    First check to see if we are available for your event date by clicking the " Check Availability" tab, where you can input your event date and receive an instant response on my availability.


    Once confirmed, you can proceed to fill out our contact form with your event details. After submission, you will receive an email confirmation as well as a text message asking for availability to schedule a phone consultation to discuss your event details.


    When you are ready to book, you will receive login credentials to access our event planner, which allows you to customize your music preferences, create playlists, and provide any necessary event details. With your deposit paid, you can rest assured that your DJ services are locked in for your upcoming event. To secure your booking, a non-refundable deposit must be paid. You will also receive an e-mail with your event contract to sign online!.



Photo Booth Included

  • Traditional / Sleek - $1700

    Our Traditional setup is designed to be simple, modern, and sleek, with high-quality equipment that delivers crystal-clear sound and a polished, professional look. Our setup is compact and unobtrusive, allowing us to seamlessly blend in with your wedding decor. This package is great for smaller venues or limit space for the Dj setup.

    This setup includes from start to finish with your ceremony, cocktail hour, reception, and send-off.



  • The Elegant Setup - $2000

    This is the perfect combination of elegance and modernity, designed to not only provide exceptional sound quality but also add to the overall atmosphere of your event. Our lighting setup is designed to create a romantic and elegant ambiance, with soft wash lights and gentle uplighting that perfectly complements the mood of the ceremony and reception.

    Includes up to 6 hours of performance

    Adds Glow Totems, and additional lighting

    4 Up-lights included. (Great for enhancing entryways, monogorams, walls, pillars)




  • The Night Gallery - $2500





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